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5 DIY Floral HOME decoration ideas

Every home needs more flowers. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact! Check out our ideas to bring the beauty of blooms into your home!

Every home needs more flowers. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact! Check out our ideas to bring the beauty of blooms into your home!

1. Change Up that Tablescape

Here are a few quick ideas to spruce up your tabletops!

Turn it upside down

Need more space on your table for food and games? Raise your decor up by building a hanging vase out of jars, dangling a birdcage of blooms, or suspending bunches of curated stems upside down from a ceiling mount. That last idea is an excellent drying method!


Make it art

Have an old teacup and saucer laying around, maybe two? Affix those bad boys together in a waterfall structure and let the flowers start rolling down those steps. Love how that candle smells, hate how it looks? Carefully arrange dainty stocks all the way around the candle container. Keep the top blooms below the rim, using twine, make a few loops around the base and simply tie it. Vioala! Using found objects is a way to add your unique style and flare.


2. Mason Jar Upcycling

An easy DIY floral decoration that we love! Sprinkle throughout the home a few choice stems in quaint glass jars. Each design ends up being unique and unassumingly beautiful! Our designers have some tips to help get you started.

A Mason Jar arrangement can have several different looks, from very bountiful and spilling out to the daintiest stems just sipping the clear, cool water. Knowing what style you are going for is important when preparing for your floral decor project. This will help you decide what stems to order, what jars to use and what materials to gather. 

To create that lush look.

Let’s start by finding a jar that will compliment the full shape you are going for. Short or tall, a wide mouth opening is a must to be able to arrange the numerous stems we will use to build this structure. What variety and types of stems are best? Large focal blooms should be nestled between bushy stems adorned with clusters of flowers and bunches of vibrant foliage. For balance, drop in tall Stocks to create a lavish feel. 


Looking for a more elegant approach? 

Mason Jars may not scream “chic” but when styled with a minimalist eye they are sure to impress. For this arrangement any jar will do, it is much more about restraint and finding the right stems. Do you have a few focal flowers left over from your last creation? Or maybe a spikey Stock that just didn’t make it in? Perfect, that is all you need for this modern concept. Simply arrange a few stems in a jar and step back. Did it make you smile? It might sound too easy but this clean and simple look doesn’t disappoint! 


Try some of these other fun DIY Mason Jar arrangement ideas.

  • Stick to one variety of flower in an assortment of different colors or go the monochromatic route and stick to one color with several different blooms. 
  • Switching up the sizes and colors of your jars keeps it fun, try grouping them together or keeping them in a straight line.
  • Add some found objects such as twigs and flowering branches for a cost effective design element.
  • Opaque, distressed, glazed or a fun pattern, painting your jars can totally change their look.
  • Tie a bow around the rim out of ribbon for a classic arrangement look, use twine for a more rustic feel, or create a show-stopping centerpiece by using rope and wire to make a hanging vase.
  • Make it everlasting by beginning the process with dried or preserved stems and instead of filling the jar with water, mix up some resin and pour in your desired amount.


3. Floral Wreaths, Circles, Hoops, and Rings 

Wreaths aren’t just for holidays anymore folks! Season to season, month to month, wreaths are an easy opportunity to create a new focal point in and around your home. 

A Welcome Wreath on your front door is the most common use for this floral decoration, but here are a few more places we like to hang ours! A classic look is to hang one over your mantle, it’s a classic for a reason. We love the dimension that a wreath suspended just in front of a mirror can bring to a room. How about creating a double-sided wreath to hang in your windows for yourself and any passersby to enjoy! Now let’s not restrict ourselves to using DIY floral wreaths strictly on the interiors of our homes. That outdoor dining space could use some wreath love too! Another of our favorite outdoor display options is dressing up the yard or garden gate with a beautiful tease of what might be inside!


Deciding on the feel you want your floral decor to evoke will help you choose what kind of DIY wreath to make and when! For those months of bare trees and white grounds at the beginning of the year, a wreath made of waxy Israeli Ruscus is perfect. Its dense texture and intensely green foliage will feel bright and fresh through those long winter days! Flowering branches can be weaved through a hoop for a wild springtime display or order our Sweet Fairy DIY flower box and make all your pastel daydreams come true! Summer is calling for bright and bold blooms to make a colorful splash! The pops of orange and bright pink in The Aloha DIY Box will bring the love to your summerbration wreath! When you feel a chill in the air you will know it is time to check out our assortment of dried flowers and grasses to add a natural autumnal feel to any DIY floral wreath! 


Creating a wreath with fresh cut flowers can be a welcoming and elegant display, depending on your choice of blooms, foliage, and grasses it could be everlasting! 


4. Curated Flower Curtains

Have you seen a Flower Curtain before? Not a shower curtain, a Flower Curtain! No, not the ones in your granny’s bedroom. These are the trendy Floral Wall Garlands that have been popping up at weddings and events everywhere. It is time to bring this project home! 


  • Suspending each individual stem upside down is a simple way to dry your own flowers, even if this DIY floral curtain is for a single event you could come out of it with loads of lovely dried stems!
  • We are calling it a Flower Curtain but you can add all sorts of beautiful items such as found branches or seed pods for a natural theme. Add crystals and beads to deliver a mystical feeling.
  • Making a flower curtain can take up some space but displaying it is practically space saving since it can lay flat against a wall. Another use could be in a doorway or window, imagine how pleasant the light is peaking between blooms and beads!


Wondering where to start on your Flower Curtain? A great place would be looking at our DIY flower box section, each one is designer-curated to bring together the perfect color palette, bloom shape, and stem height for an eye-catching creation!


5. Dried Flowers Galore

Did anyone recognize a common theme? All of these home floral decoration ideas can be created with fresh cut flowers or dried flowers. Some of them even help you dry your own stems! 

Dried flowers have made a huge comeback over the last few years and they are more beautiful than ever! Something to note when working with air-dried flowers is as they dry their texture coarsens, this is great in some cases and not so great in others. If you are trying to achieve a smoother texture, using Vegetable Glycerine to preserve your blooms can help get that desired look!

At Sami Sacha we have a deep respect for nature and we love seeing our harvested flowers get a second life by being preserved. We love it so much we created a whole DIY box of just preserved stems for you, check out The Flamingo Box in the DIY section or we have an entire section devoted to our Dried Flowers for you to look through. Maybe just dipping your toe in the dried stems pool? So many of our other DIY floral boxes are packed with Eucalyptus which is one of the prettiest, and easiest stems to dry. Best of both flower worlds!


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