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Beautiful and unabashed, the chrysanthemum makes a statement in any display! With such an abundance of petals that unfurl in different patterns, this flower creates volume and will add texture to your next design. Commonly referred to as a Mum, this purple, almost fuchsia bloom is ideal for party arrangements, bold wedding installations, or to liven up your living space!
Stems per Box:
Stem Length:
Color: Purple
Stems per Box:
Stem Length:
Color: Purple

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Focal flowers - Andrea Cremon

Color: Purple

Category: Chrysanthemums

Bloom Size: Very Full

Plays well with: Blueberry Rose and Solomio Lilliput Light Pink

Small Box Includes: 30 Chrysanthemums

Big Box Includes: 100 Chrysanthemums

Fresh Flowers: Mums (Chrysanthemum) are imported directly from our Ecuadorian flower farms

Flower delivery US - Always free shipping - Wholesale Prices

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Prepare your vase. Make sure they’re clean at the bottom (scrub out any gunk please) and fill them with cold water. Add flower food to the water. These little packets give flowers sustenance and reduce bacteria in the water.

Unpack your flower box. Remove the flowers from their packaging and recycle the paper packaging!

Remove the protective covering placed on the bloom for shipping.

Hydrate. Your stems have had quite the journey and need a good drink. If they’re a little soft or sad, don’t fret! They’re just parched. Cut your stems by at least an inch (or much more if you want them short) and put them in cold water to hydrate for at least an hour.  Be sure to keep the bigger, longer stems in their own vase so they don’t crush the more delicate stems. Sort by color and type, it feels a little Type A but trust. It makes it easier later. 

Remove leaves.  Don’t forget to strip off these leaves before they go into water. These thin leaves are quick to dirty the water, making hydration less effective for all stems. After they’ve had a drink, you can start removing leaves that will go in the vase. This reduces the water getting dirty and adding bacteria to the water later on. In other words, your flowers will live longer.

Follow our blog for some ideas on how to arrange your flowers. 

These are very hearty flowers and do well out of water for lengths of time. Pop on a water tube if it’s going in an installation in the heat for hours. Otherwise, this is a great addition to a bouquet that you know will be carried around all night. 

They look great paired with: Eucalyptus, Blueberry Rose and Solomio Lilliput Light Pink. Order your Andrea Chrysanthemums and start creating beauty with beauty