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Green Wicky

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The Quirky One. Ever see something and think that it seems straight out of a Dr. Seuss book? This is definitely a stem that will leave that impression. These cute little tufts of green will add a soft texture that is a cross between cotton candy and freshly cut grass. You might even get a craving for green eggs and ham.
Stems per Box:
Stem Length:
Color: Green
Stems per Box:
Stem Length:
Color: Green

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Give them a fresh cut on arrival and put them in water. Big plus if you can add flower food to some clean water.

Color: Bright Green

Plays well with: Peach ranunculus and Pink Floyd roses

Give them a fresh cut on arrival and put them in water. Big plus if you can add flower food to some clean water.

These are a little top heavy. They’re best if supported by surrounding stems.  With some water, these can last several weeks. They’re great for arrangements that want a mossy element.