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Floral Decor Ideas for the Home, a Series! Part 2

Every home needs more flowers. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact! We put together a few of our favorite ways to bring the beauty of blooms into your home...

Every home needs more flowers. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact! We put together a few of our favorite ways to bring the beauty of blooms into your home in our Floral Decor Ideas for the Home Series.

Jar and Bottle Upcycling

An easy DIY floral decoration that we love is sprinkling choice stems in quaint glass jars and bottles throughout the home. Each design ends up being unique and unassumingly beautiful! Our designers have some tips to help get you started.

An upcycled glass container arrangement can have several different looks, from very bountiful and spilling out to the daintiest stems just sipping the clear, cool water. Knowing what style you are going for is important when preparing for your floral decor project. This will help you decide what stems to order, what jars to use and what materials to gather.

Create that lush look

Let’s start by finding a jar that will compliment the full shape you are going for. Short or tall, a wide mouth opening is a must to be able to arrange the numerous stems we will use to build this structure. What variety and types of stems are best? Large focal blooms should be nestled between bushy stems adorned with clusters of flowers and bunches of vibrant foliage. For balance, drop in tall Stocks to create a lavish feel.

A more elegant approach

Mason Jars may not scream “chic” but when styled with a minimalist eye they are sure to impress. For this arrangement any jar will do, it is much more about restraint and finding the right stems. Do you have a few focal flowers left over from your last creation? Or maybe a spikey Stock that just didn’t make it in? Perfect, that is all you need for this modern concept. Simply arrange a few stems in a jar and step back. Did it make you smile? It might sound too easy but this clean and simple look doesn’t disappoint!

Try some of these other fun DIY Upcycling arrangement ideas.
  1. Stick to one variety of flower in an assortment of different colors or go the monochromatic route and stick to one color with several different blooms.
  2. Switching up the sizes and colors of your jars keeps it fun, try grouping them together or keeping them in a straight line. Add some found objects such as twigs and flowering branches for a cost effective design element.
  3. Opaque, distressed, glazed or a fun pattern, painting your jars can totally change their look.
  4. Tie a bow around the rim out of ribbon for a classic arrangement look, use twine for a more rustic feel, or create a show-stopping centerpiece by using rope and wire to make a hanging vase.
  5. Make it everlasting by beginning the process with dried or preserved stems and instead of filling the container with water, mix up some acrylic water or resin and pour in your desired amount.


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